About Us

The roots of Glow Contact Center go back to 2017. Through the union of forces from a number of organizations now combined under a new name, can we channel this forces in order to offer even better services to our clients.

Agents and leadership

The beating heart of Glow Contact Center are our agents who daily put in their 100% for our clients and they’re customers. We only work with people that see working in a contact center as a true job.

Our agents are supported by Project Managers, Supervisors, HR and compliance officers who ensure both the quality of the service provided to customers and the agent’s satisfaction.

Management Team

Glow Contact center Management Team consists of Jeroen, Suleyman, and Stefan. With years long experience in the contact center industry and local anchoring, we ensure a solid foundation and a winning team.

Our locations

Since our locations consist on about 50 workplaces with a family business atmosphere, our clients are always welcome and our staff feel quickly at home.



  • Rotterdam – Netherlands
  • Antalya – Turkey
  • Istanbul – Turkey
  • Málaga – Spain
  • Cotonou – Benin
  • Lomé – Togo

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